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What is the Best Swimming Pool Depth?
Deciding the water depth of the pool is one of the hardest decisions for a potential buyer.
Choosing the Right Swimming Pool Contractor

When deciding transform your yard with a swimming pool the first step is to choose the right contractor. There are many swimming pool companies, but how do you decide which one is the best choice.
How much does an In-ground swimming pool cost?

We can honestly tell you that price of a swimming pool is completely dependent on what pool you want to install.
When is it a good time to change a liner

We at the Pool People of Ohio have installed over a thousand liners in the past 35 yrs.  During that time we have seen many reasons to have you liner changed.
Fiberglass Pools vs. Vinyl Pools

When considering an in ground swimming pool,  there are numerous options to choose from. 
All Fiberglass Pools Are Not The Same

All fiberglass pools are not made with the same products and procedures.  There are many shortcuts that can be and are taken by various manufacturers to save cost and improve profit.
Salt water chlorinating system

Salt water pool systems are very misunderstood by those who are unfamiliar with them.  Most consumers think they would never want this because they would not enjoy swimming in sea water in their own swimming pool.  This is the first fallacy we need to clear up.
High Efficiency Variable Speed Pool Pumps

In these days of ever higher electric bills,  consumers are constantly looking for ways to reduce this significant  monthly household expense.  Pool pumps are usually turned at the same time as our air conditioners creating a double hit to high electric bills.
Installation of an 8ft deep fiberglass swimming pool by The Pool People of Ohio

Over the years a wide variety of installation techniques have been employed to install fiberglass swimming pools.  The process has evolved as procedural installation mistakes have been identified and changed.
Activate glass media for sand filters

Activate is a revolutionary and permanent replacement for silica sand in sand filters. Activate is a glass media designed to offer cleaner clearer and healthy water. There are three main reasons why activate is far superior to silica sand.
Does a pool need to be drained during the winter months after the initial closing of the pool
M400 supreme pool cleaner

The M400 supreme automatic pool cleaner by maytrocis is a self contained electric operated pool vacuum, it is in short the staples easy button for pool cleaning, set it and walk away.
When is it time to open your swimming pool?
Backfill Eliminator

The swimming pool industry is constantly changing to suit consumer needs....
How fiberglass Pools are made.
Dangers of high Chlorine Levels in a Vinyl liner swimming pool.
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