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Activate is a revolutionary and permanent replacement for silica sand in sand filters. Activate is a glass media designed to offer cleaner, clearer and healthier water. There are three main reasons why activate is far superior to silica sand.

  • It provides ultra-fine filtration, giving 300 times for surface area allowing it to filter down to four-five micron. This is compared to silica sand that only filters to 20 microns

    and that

    s in the first year of its life. Silica sand significantly degrades after its first year, which is why it needs to be replaced every three to five years.

  • Activate is negatively charged to attract and trap harmful bacteria like a magnet, and it will also backwash completely clean.

  • It has a self-sterilizing surface that prevents the growth of bacteria and algae. It is the only filter media that will drastically reduce the formation of tricloramines.


s intended purpose was initially not for swimming pools. It was designed for aquariums and zoos housing sea mammals in captivity. When these animals are held in captivity, it is often in chlorinated water. Dr.H oward Dryden (the Inventor of Activate) studied these mammals and noticed they often died at a young age and he proved the cause of this was breathing in harmful air directly above the water surface. This harmful air is what we call tricloramines, which is the primary cause of the chlorine odor we smell in swimming pools.

Activate will run about 65% more than traditional silica sand, but the peace of mind far outweighs the cost. And, it doesn

t need to be replaced like silica sand, so it

s an investment that will pay off over time.

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