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When considering an in ground swimming pool,  there are numerous options to choose from.  The two that we specialize on at The Pool People of Ohio are one piece fiberglass and vinyl liner. Each have many advantages and disadvantages to consider.  Here we will dig further into each option, beginning with vinyl liner.


Vinyl liner pools provide the consumer with almost unlimited options in terms of size, shape and interior options such as large custom steps, benches and sun ledges.  A very wide variety of vinyl liner patterns are available to choose from.  This allows each customer to customize the visual appearance of their pool. 

Vinyl liner pools are attractive and  smooth to the touch.  If cared and maintained properly they can provide a lifetime  of enjoyment.  The initial cost to install a vinyl liner in ground swimming pool is typically the lowest of any of the types of pools available.

The main drawback to a vinyl pool is the vinyl liner itself.  The liner can be easily damaged if abused with "rough horseplay" or extended water chemistry imbalance.  Vinyl liners do have a useful live and need to replaced usually every 7 to 10 years.  The cost involved here usually ranges between 4 and 6 thousand dollars.  This cost should be considered when buying a pool as this dramatically affects the lifetime cost of ownership.


Fiberglass swimming pools are he fastest growing segment of the pool industry.   The attractive gel coat finish are dramatically better than those commonly in use years ago.  These products are now designed to last a lifetime with little or now maintenance on the pool surface itself.  The surface is very smooth and comfortable with surface texturing added provide a safer non slip finish where needed on the steps ledges and benches.  The products are available in many colors to coordinate well the overall backyard landscape. 

Fiberglass pools are produced in a factory controlled environment and delivered to your backyard as a finished product.  This ensures a consistent level of quality over all other types of pools that are very labor intensive and built piece by piece.  Because less direct labor is involved,  one piece fiberglass pools are quicker to install than other types of pools.  Additionally,  fiberglass pools generally  have a higher perceived value  thereby often resulting in increased resale value. 

There are couple of  drawbacks to purchasing a fiberglass swimming pool.  The initial cost if a fiberglass pool is always higher than vinyl pool of similar size.  On average 10 to 15 thousand more. Secondly, fiberglass pools are limited to the size that can be delivered over our roadways.  They are available in many shapes and sizes that range up to 16 feet in width and 40 feet in length.