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In these days of ever higher electric bills,  consumers are constantly looking for ways to reduce this significant  monthly household expense.  Pool pumps are usually turned at the same time as our air conditioners creating a double hit to high electric bills.  Depending on individual electric rates, a conventional swimming pool motor will consume 3-4 dollars in electric per day to operate.  That adds up to about $650.00 per season in Ohio.  Much more in areas where the swim season is longer. 

Variable speed pool motors consume about the same amount of electric when running on full speed.   On most residential pools, this high flow rate is simply not necessary to keep your pool clear and clean.  

Variable speed pumps can be programmed to run at much lower RPM's.  The electrical  savings is enormous at these lower speeds.  In fact most consumers can cut the cost of operating their pool motor by 80 to 90% in a season.

High efficiency pool pumps cost about twice what a conventional pool motor will cost.   However the difference can be made up in reduced electric bills in as little as on swim season for those who enjoy longer swimming seasons. 

Electric providers are beginning to get on board as will by offering consumer rebates to their customers who purchase these energy saving devices.  Duke Energy is currently offers a $300.00  rebate.

As pool professionals we highly recommend high efficiency pool motors to our clients.  Not only do they pay for themselves over time, but are also built in a way to last twice as long as a normal pool pump.   Our customers also enjoy how quiet they run.   Often so quiet that you will often not even know they are running.  Peace in quiet in your backyard is a very good thing!