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Over the years a wide variety of installation techniques have been employed to install fiberglass swimming pools.  The process has evolved as procedural installation mistakes have been identified and changed.

More recently,  many manufacturers are beginning to move toward a single set of standards for fiberglass pool installations.  The governing council for the swimming pool industry has been establishing these standards for the industry for several decades.  Recently they are moving toward a single set of standards to ensure quality in all fiberglass pool installations.  This governing council is knows as the APSP.  This stands for The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals.

The APSP is currently in the process of forming a Fiberglass Pool Council.  It is the goal of this council to develop a clear set of installation standards for fiberglass pools.  It has become clear that nearly all problems that have arisen over the years with one piece fiberglass pools are nearly always the result of installation errors.  Most of the industry are in agreement as to what these standards should be.  The goal is to get this information and training to the dealers and installers. 

The owners and the installers of The Pool People of Ohio have very actively participated in numerous factory training seminars in order to understand and utilize the best known current fiberglass pool installation methods.  It is our goal to always provide the highest quality fiberglass swimming pools available that are built to last a lifetime.