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The M400 supreme automatic pool cleaner by Maytrocis is a self contained electric operated pool vacuum, it is in short the staples easy button for pool cleaning, set it and walk away.

Some of the features of the cleaner are it has a 60 foot long cable that is compatible with most all pools. Cleaner has a swivel cord that will prevent the cord from becoming tangled as it cleans the pool.

It comes standard with 2 different style cartridges, a netted cartridge for large debris in the pool and can even be used for your initial cleaning of the pool each spring, the fine cartridge is for you everyday use that will catch the finer particles that other vacuums let escape. The cleaner has a built in sensor to indicate when the cartridges are full to prevent the cleaner from damaging itself due to full cartridges.

From a young age we are taught water plus electricity equals bad things, but not to worry the M400 supreme cleaner has a converter box that changes the flow of electricity going through the cord to the equivalent of a 9v battery.

If you have any further questions please visit our store we will be happy to answer any questions.