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Salt water pool systems are very misunderstood by those who are unfamiliar with them.  Most consumers think they would never want this because they would not enjoy swimming in sea water in their own swimming pool.  This is the first fallacy we need to clear up.

The salinity content of a salt water pool is maintained at about 3500 parts per million.  Sea water will contain 30-35000 parts per million.  A salt water pool is not like swimming in the ocean.   In fact the level of salt content is maintained very near the threshold of human taste.  Unless told,  most swimmers would not even know it is there.

The second fallacy to clear up is that salt alone cannot sanitize a pool and keep it clear.  A salt pool IS a chlorine pool.  A salt system merely converts the salt to chlorine and sends it into the pool to keep the pool sparkling clear.

Anybody who has a salt pool will tell you the pool is extremely pleasant to the skin and eyes to swim in.   Most will also agree that there is a significant reduction in time required to maintain water balance as the salt device takes care of keeping the chlorine levels where they belong all summer long.  No longer will you will be spending four to six hundred dollars per season on chlorine tablets.


We also strongly recommend a salt pool additive called PEPPER.  The chemical interaction in the salt to chlorine conversion process tends to consistently raise the ph in swimming pools.   Adding Pepper to a salt water pool will limit this interaction and reduce the need for frequent dry acid treatments.  The product also helps maintain low phosphate levels and  inhibits scale buildup on the conversion cell fins thereby extending the life of the cell itself. 

In summary,  The Pool People has installed salt systems on over 90% of the new pools we have installed in the past 10 years.  Our customers love them.   They love the reduced maintenance time required to maintain their pool and they love not having to spend hundreds of dollars per season on chlorine.