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Deciding the water depth of a swimming pool is one of the hardest decisions for a potential buyer.

Many consumers often have the mindset they want an eight-foot-deep pool. For some consumers this is the best option, but for most it is not. With an eight-foot-deep pool, you lose over half of the usefulness of the pool because you are treading water in over half the pool rather than being able to touch the bottom.

The swimming pool industry has changed over the past 15 years. Fifteen years ago, 70% of the pools we built were diving pools. Now only 20% are diving pools. The majority of the pools we build now have depth ranging from five to six feet. This allows the customer to utilize the pool to its full potential, and for gaming such as basketball and volleyball.

If you would like to learn more about what depth is the best for you, feel free to watch our video and learn more before transforming your back yard into a destination.

Jarrod Dodds
Owner & Construction Manager