“Why didn’t I get this sooner?”

“How much time have I wasted every week?”

These are the most common things we hear from customers who purchase a Dolphin robotic cleaner! In fact, we often tell our customers the Dolphin is the best thing you’ll ever buy for your pool! If you’ve been dreaming of owning your own Dolphin, don’t delay – the manufacturer rebate ends July 31.

Skip the online and discount stores and buy your Dolphin robotic pool cleaner from us. As a Dolphin Elite Dealer, we offer a three-year warranty for our robotic cleaners and repair them in-house. We don’t lose shipping time and we keep common parts in-stock to ensure your cleaner quickly gets back to work for you! It’s also important to know we can only service cleaners purchased through us directly.

The Dolphin robotic pool cleaner truly is like the “easy button” for your pool. You simply drop it in your pool and carry on with your day – while it cleans FOR YOU. That means you can spend more time actually enjoying your pool!

Reasons to invest in a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner:

  • You’ll save around 40 hours cleaning your pool this season alone.
  • You’ll never clean your pool again – even when opening and closing.
  • It acts as a secondary filtration for your pool, stirring up the chemicals when you’re not using it.
  • Your main filtration system will get clogged less frequently, reducing backwashing.
  • You can dispose of bulky manual cleaning equipment!
  • Your water will be safe and sparkling, even during your busiest of weeks!

Not convinced a Dolphin is worth the investment?

Try it before you buy it! Schedule your complimentary in-pool demo with The Pool People of Ohio and see for yourself how much extra time it gives you!

Not all automatic pool cleaners are created equal, and our Dolphin models have critical features that other manufacturers don't include - and these features are what truly make cleaning your pool a breeze!

Check out this video, where Hannah walks through the features of the Dolphin M400 model.