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When it comes to pool chemicals, there is a clear difference between high-quality chemicals from The Pool People and cheap chemicals from big-box retail stores.

You might wonder why it even matters, but it does! High-quality products will ...

  • Produce clearer, more swimmer-friendly water
  • Save you time and money
  • Help you protect your backyard investment

We'll share more here about what you get - and what you don't - with high-quality chemicals from a certified pool dealer like The Pool People. Here are just a few of the reasons why you're better off starting with our trusted experts:

  • Low-grade products contain fillers and binders that are left behind in the water, which can gum up chlorinators, cloud pool water and leave a foul odor. Some customers have accidentally turned their pools into what they described as bubble baths with low-grade products.
  • Our experienced water chemistry experts can help you pick the right product for your pool water - the first time, saving you time, money and even pool closure. Our experts have the experience and knowledge to make sound recommendations, rather than a general retail store employee who may just be temporarily stationed in the seasonal department.
  • As a certified dealer, we have approval to sell exclusive products that have a higher concentration of active ingredients, so you'll need less. So, the cost is about the same when you actually calculate how much you need of the cheap product to achieve the same result.

Quality DOES matter ...

your pool and swimmers will thank you!

Visit our pool supplies & chemicals page to learn more about the real difference in water chemistry products. Visit our retail store for all your pool and spa needs, or call our experts at 740-654-4663!