~ AND how they'll actually SAVE money!

We understand the convenience of one-stop shopping, but when it comes to pool chemicals, that convenience results in pool water chemistry challenges - and costly corrections. We only sell high-quality chemicals and products that cannot be purchased at big-box chain stores (like Walmart, Meijer or Lowe's, for example) because they're only available to authorized dealers (like us).

It may seem cheaper to purchase a month's supply of chlorine from a big-box store, but you actually get more bang for your buck by purchasing high-quality products from The Pool People.

Here are five reasons why high-quality products will save you time, money and hassle - and will provide a better experience for your swimmers:


Our top-of-the-line products don't contain fillers and extra binders; for example, a lot of chain store tablet products have 5% binders/fillers, compared to our products that have just 1% (and that is a conditioner you actually want in your water). Just look at the active ingredients and you'll see the difference.


You'll need much less of a product purchased at The Pool People - oftentimes, you'll need half as much! Our products have less fillers and additives, so you're getting a larger concentration of the active ingredient. And, the process by which a tablet is formed dramatically affects how quickly it dissolves, burns off and needs replaced.

For example, our chlorine tablets are pressed under heat and high pressure, resulting in a much harder and higher-density tablet that won't dissolve and burn off too quickly. Low-grade alternatives available at large retailers are glued together with stearates (basically animal fat), which will not only dissolve quicker, but will also impact your water quality.


The extra binders and fillers found in cheaper alternatives are left behind in the water, which can gum up chlorinators, cloud pool water and leave a foul odor. Low-grade products often result in unsightly side effects; here are just two examples that require time and the addition of specialty products to correct:

Using too much low-grade algaecide can cause bubble-bath-like foaming.

Using low-grade shock in large quantities can cause cloudiness that is very difficult to get rid of, even with clarifier.


In addition to increased water clarity, our products ensure your swimmers experience increased comfort by reducing red eyes and skin irritation that often result from using low-grade products.


Pool water chemistry can be confusing. We can all find blogs/videos on the Internet, but the truth is that only a trusted pool expert can help you correctly identify and overcome YOUR specific pool water challenge. Combining a state-of-the-art water test with our decades of experience with local water chemistry ensures you won't waste money on products you don't need.

Every situation is different, and your chemistry is greatly affected by things like geography, weather, local water composition and much more - things that online advice doesn't take into account.

For example, phosphates were introduced into Central Ohio tap water because they help protect plumbing. While this is beneficial for plumbing systems, it's detrimental to the pools that are filled with this water. Phosphates are food for algae and having this large food source in pools causes algae to bloom, which is very difficult to correct. Algae blooms make it nearly impossible to hold a chlorine level, causing you to use two to five times the normal chemicals to maintain your water. Employees at big-box chain stores wouldn't know how to identify and treat this issue, but our experts help customers overcome this challenge on a regular basis.

Our experts will save you the time and money of using the trial-and-error process of testing various products to see what works. We can point you in the right direction right away, reducing the time, hassle and extra cost of having to add specialty products to correct pool water problems from buying the wrong products. And, you'll spend more time enjoying your pool!

We truly are your trusted partners for protecting your pool investment and enjoy your pool to the fullest extent possible. That's why we're here – it's our passion!