Make 2024 the best year yet
Are you determined to make 2024 the best year yet? What does the "best year" look like to you ... more quality time with friends and family? More fun and laughter? Improved health and fitness? More relaxation and less stress?

Whether you already have an inground pool, or are looking to install one, these tips will help you make 2024 the best year yet.

Already have an inground pool?
To make your pool the go-to hangout place for family and friends, consider adding new accessories in 2024. A new diving board, slide, basketball hoop, climbing wall or tanning ledge can bring additional function and new excitement to your pool! Stop in today to explore options for maximizing your backyard investment.

Dreaming of an inground pool?
THIS is the year to make your dreams a reality! Chances are your New Years resolution list includes some of the following items, and an inground pool can help with all of these!

✔️ More quality time with friends and family
✔️ Less stress
✔️ Being more present
✔️ Reducing family screen time
✔️ More exercise
✔️ Adopting a slower pace

Having your own pool ensures your home becomes the hub for family and friend gatherings. The pool becomes the place where siblings play together - rather than independently on their phones or tablets. The pool becomes the place for laughter, play and bonding - for the entire family. And, the pool becomes the hub for friends, which helps keep your kids safe at home, rather than out and about!

We hear from customers all the time who had their pool installed over 30 years ago who now have the "hangout house" for grandchildren, and even great grandchildren! This investment will pay dividends when it comes to quality time with family and friends for decades to come.

If you're just starting out on this journey, we encourage you to do your homework before selecting a pool installer. Check out this video from our retired Dan Dodds for tips to make this process failproof.