Have The Pool People rescue you from your auto cover nightmares. A properly measured, installed and adjusted cover will yield many years of trouble free service. We are familiar with and have worked on all the major brand names. Rest assured that The Pool People will be there for you now and in the future.

We offer VENTED WEBBING to help reduce chlorine gas build up under your cover which will help extend the life of your new cover. We offer the latest innovations like Detachable Ropes so in the untimely event that one of your rope would brake you would not be forced to replace the entire cover.

Let us take your worries away. To get started please complete the auto cover request form and a staff member at The Pool People will be back in touch with an estimated cost to get your cover operating like new again.

Mechanism Components: Drive System-10yrs., Extrusions-3yrs., Water Proof Motor-5yrs.
Fabric: 7yrs. (Full-3yrs., Pro-rated-4yrs. Includes webbing)
pool cover opened
boy standing on pool cover
girl, ball on pool cover