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How much does an In-ground swimming pool cost?
We can honestly tell you that price of a swimming pool is completely dependent on what pool you want to install.

Buying a pool is is very similar to buying a car, you can get the base model with no upgrades or you can get different options added  to increase versatility of the car, it is essentially the same car just a much different price tag.

There are four major factors that  influence the final price of a pool.
1) What type of pool is it a vinyl liner or a one piece fiberglass pool?
2) The size of the pool
3) The deck package
4) Optional accessories

The deck package can be a large upgrade due to the different options that are available and the amount of concrete that is wanted around the pool.

Optional accessories can include a heater, salt water chlorination, high efficacy pump, automatic pool cover or steel steps that are the full width of the pool. These are all great features but  add to the price of the swimming pool.

In 2016 the average price of a 16x32 vinyl lined pool we install is 35-40 thousand. The average price of an 18x36 vinyl lined pool we install is 40-45 Thousand. In 2016 the average price of a small one piece fiberglass pool we install is 40-50 Thousand. The average price for a large one piece fiberglass pool is 55-70 Thousand.

If you would like more information on how much does a swimming pool cost. Please watch our video. Which goes more in-depth on the cost of a swimming pool.

Dan Dodds